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Great Little People in Schools

Boost the teaching of English in your school with our innovative approach

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Revolutionize the teaching of English in early childhood education

In an educational environment where traditional publishers have dominated for years, Great Little People represents a necessary change in early childhood education.

Our methodology pays special attention to the most critical, yet complex, stages in child development, offering an English learning experience that goes far beyond the conventional, workbooks and workbooks.
Metodología de inglés para niños

Innovation with an easy transition to project-based learning and real learning situations

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Understanding the complexity of adapting to LOMLOE and to the constant changes in the education system, Great Little People has been designed for smooth integration into the school curriculum. Its flexible implementation, together with the resources used by teachers, facilitates the transition to a more dynamic and child-centered learning model.

With materials customized to the specific needs of each school, our methodology promotes real, project-based learning situations, making the shift to innovative education simpler and more effective

Educational Excellence and Family Satisfaction

By adopting Great Little People, your school not only enriches its educational offerings, but it also addresses families' growing concern about bilingualism.

With an appropriate approach to English from a child's point of view, we avoid the frustration common in bilingual subjects starting in elementary school and ensure a solid base for reaching primary school with confidence and motivation in the face of the language.

This early approach to English is crucial for families when choosing an educational institution, becoming a decisive factor on many occasions and responding to concerns in the entire educational community about bilingualism.
Metodología de inglés para niños

Ongoing training, tools and projects
for your teachers

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Beyond textbooks

While traditional publishers often focus on established methods, Great Little People brings a fresh and up-to-date perspective.

Our methodology is based on sensory and manipulative materials that stimulate children's senses, as well as on the transition to learning based on real projects and situations. We incorporate different physical materials, interactive games and practical activities that motivate and capture children's imagination, making learning English a fun, engaging and completely immersive experience.

Interactive platform

More than 3000 Geniallys make up our extensive interactive platform. Children will learn the language interactively thanks to our activities and games oriented by units and ages.

Our content has been designed based on the Great Little People methodology, always meeting the educational objectives set for each stage.
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Teacher and extracurricular English training

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Great Little People provides ongoing training and support for teachers at your center. The incorporation of new kindergarten or native teachers can pose a challenge in the standardization and specialization of English for children in schools. Each school has an educational approach different from English in early childhood education, so we facilitate the initial process and continuous training to adjust to your needs or number of hours of English.

Many coles and teachers are forced to create their own resources because those offered by traditional publishers are not enough. Great Little People makes it easy for you to delegate all product development and new materials such as festivities or projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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This is what schools that have already implemented Great Little People think

Margarita Holguin, director of Nemomarlin Rivas
Great Little People provides an enriching and stimulating environment for children's development. As director of Nemomarlin Rivas, I can assure you that their dedication and quality are second to none. I highly recommend their service to any family looking for the best for their children.
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Oscar Porras, director of Midleton School
Great Little People is like a home away from home for our little ones! As principal of Midleton School, I have been impressed by its warm atmosphere and exceptional approach to children's growth and development. I warmly recommend their services to all families looking for an exciting and enriching educational experience, where children can learn and explore with the most innovative classroom tools and digital resources at their disposal.
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Schools That Trust Great Little People

Is your school taking full advantage of the latest methodologies in teaching English?

Schools often face the challenge of complying with the requirements of families and constantly changing educational laws for learning English, however, traditional and sometimes obsolete methods do not encourage children's interest, limiting their ability to develop these fundamental skills from an early age where we have the opportunity to achieve real bilingualism in children.

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