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Great Little People for institutions

Transform the educational quality of your environment in English with Great Little People

Transform education with GLP!
At Great Little People, we are committed to innovation in teaching English at an early age. Our methodology goes beyond an editorial method. It's just the way to apply our research to a real product for schools.

We have a high intensity of economic resources dedicated to products and a research and development (R&D) team dedicated to continuously improving teaching-learning processes in English for children.

Innovation and Excellence
In teaching English

Our open innovation process is based on direct work together with the network of more than 300 teachers with whom we collaborate and apply the method directly in the classroom.

Our doors are open to both public and private institutions that share our mission: education councils, ministries, universities, vocational training institutes, researchers, passionate teachers to together improve the educational quality of our environment, not only nationally but also internationally.

Public and private institutions that support and promote us

Innovation projects, consulting or training projects and specialized talks

GLP is based on a unique approach that unifies several active and innovative methodologies, such as the Montessori method, Game-Based Learning, project-based learning and much more. We transform learning English into an exciting game, resulting in motivated students who learn naturally based on experience.

We open our doors to all those who want to collaborate and with whom we can share our know-how to continue growing and position learning English at an early age as the key to achieving real bilingualism.

Support and training

Our mission is to ensure that all our R&D has a positive impact on teaching English at this crucial stage for children. Our vision is to be an international reference in language teaching at an early age. This ambitious journey is not built alone, that's why we need you.
  • Development of R&D projects
  • Creating new resources
  • Integration of ICTs in the classroom
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Adaptation of educational laws
  • Strategies for educational impact
  • GLP methodology for other languages
  • Training for current teachers
  • Training in universities and vocational training institutes (VET)
  • Projects with PROA+
  • Educational Talks and Round Tables
  • ... and everything you want to propose

We want to transform the
Bilingualism from the ground up

Have you heard news about the failure and frustration of bilingualism in education? This is a reality and the reason is simple: bilingualism has been imposed from above, in later educational stages, instead of being addressed from the root in early childhood education.

Children learn through their senses and experimentation. Each sensory experience contributes significantly to your cognitive, affective, emotional and social development. Learning at this stage is holistic, and bilingualism must be an integral part of this experience.

Are you committed to transformation into language acquisition?

Early childhood education is critical, but it's often overlooked in the development of educational products. At Great Little People, we are committed to overcoming this challenge and we want to change the narrative of bilingualism, working from the root, in early childhood education. Together, we can transform bilingualism and raise educational quality from an early age

Transform education with GLP!

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