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About us

We want to transform bilingual education at an early age

Recurso Great Little People
Recurso Great Little People


Our mission is to democratize resources and the learning of English so that they generate a real impact on the educational community. We believe that bilingual education from an early age is essential and we strive to provide children with the necessary tools for this.
Recurso Great Little People


We have the vision of being leaders in educational innovation and the teaching of English at an early age at a national and international level. We strive to bring educational excellence to every corner of the world.


Innovation: We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve bilingual education at an early ages.Quality: We are committed to providing high-quality education that benefits students, schools, teachers and families.Collaboration: We work closely with our partner schools and teachers to achieve joint success. Commitment: We are committed to the learning and development of children, as well as to supporting our educational partners.

Our Story

Great Little People was founded in 2019 in Madrid due to the need to improve resources, materials and teaching models at an early age. It is designed from early childhood education and with a focus on integrating the best practices of active methodologies from all over the world.

Personaje Great Little People


All physical materials, corners, and methodological aspects are designed in-house and, with an extracurricular model, the GLP method is implemented in more than 30 centers in Madrid.


All physical materials are digitized so that teachers have more than 3,000 interactive resources in a multi-platform system that they can share with families as well to connect learning at home.


It launches its own educational app Great Little World to give access to English to any family in the world regardless of location.


It integrates all training processes and resources for teachers into platforms to become a publisher specialized in English at an early age.


Great Little People trains more than 500 teachers and its editorial method is already used by more than 100 schools in Spain and Latin America.

Great Little People Success Stories

José García, director of Green House of English
Great Little People is not only a special place for our children, but it also offers an exceptional English methodology that can transform any academy. As director of Green House Baleares, I have witnessed the power of this methodology to effectively engage and educate students. I highly recommend that other academies consider incorporating this methodology into their educational programs. Not only will they see an increase in their students' performance, but they will also experience greater satisfaction among parents and an improved reputation in the educational community
Logo Green House
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Oscar Porras, director of Midleton School
Great Little People is like a home away from home for our little ones! As principal of Midleton School, I have been impressed by its warm atmosphere and exceptional approach to children's growth and development. I warmly recommend their services to all families looking for an exciting and enriching educational experience, where children can learn and explore with the most innovative classroom tools and digital resources at their disposal.
Recurso Great Little People

Centers That Trust Great Little People

Educational Impact

As if it were a puzzle, all the pieces have to fit together and therefore, our product area defines all the resources for each of the agents and our quality department ensures that all processes and tools work to ensure educational impact and a high level of satisfaction.

Puzzle - Children Families Teacher and Schools
  • Families: receive monitoring and guidelines on the evolution of their children's objectives and content, as well as resources and tools to participate in the learning process from home with their children.
  • Children: learning in a fun way and in a natural process that allows them to gain confidence and self-esteem in the face of English at the most important age to achieve real bilingualism
  • Centres: facilitate the integration of the onboarding method and processes, have continuous and fluid communication, know how to use communication tools as well as participating in an open innovation process.
  • Teachers: obtain all the resources and training to use the method and materials efficiently, to feel supported by the GLP pedagogical team, to propose improvements and to be in love with the method for an ideal teaching - learning process.

Impact Indicators

Recurso Great Little People


Average school satisfaction on a scale of 5.
Recurso Great Little People


They consider that their resources have improved compared to previous years


They consider that GLP has a direct and effective impact on learning


Those who have been with LPG for 3 years reach a PRE-A1 level at 6 years
Recurso Great Little People

Social Impact

Great Little People has a direct impact on SDG 4. Quality education that seeks the following objectives:

  • Ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood care and development services and pre-school education, so that they are ready for primary education.
  • Increase significantly at the global level the number of scholarships available to developing countries, in particular least developed countries, small island developing States and African countries.
  • Significantly increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially least developed countries and small island developing States.
Profesora con niña - Impacto Social Great Little People

Do you want to be part of our commitment to social impact?

  • Educational centers that need help and resources to implement good practices in learning English and that cannot afford it due to their social and/or economic context.
  • NGOs and associations that have families at risk of social exclusion and want to obtain tools to forge a greater connection between family and child with resources and educational guides engaging in learning at home.
  • Institutions specialized in children with Special Educational Needs that help us test and improve our entire approach to Universal Learning Design and measures already integrated into the GLP method of attention to diversity.
  • Universities and training centers that seek to improve the training and employability of their students in early childhood education by offering a public-private connection with real application projects in educational centers.
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Agreements, collaborations and partnerships

GLP is integrated as an organizing company into Fundae, the State Foundation for Employment Training, to offer subsidized courses to centers and institutions.

La Bolsa Social, a funding platform for impactful social projects, invests in GLP through its network of private social investors.

SEKLAB, the main accelerator of Edtech projects in Spain, selects GLP as one of the 3 companies with the greatest impact and projection in Spain.

UNICEF selects GLP for its acceleration program together with ISDI as one of the 10 startups with the greatest social impact on children.

ICEX NEXT selects GLP providing resources for its internationalization process in Latin America

In 2019, ENISA (National Innovation Company) supports GLP with funding to hire pedagogical equipment and promote its innovation area.

AWS Edstart selects GLP in its acceleration program to provide it with technology consulting and infrastructure and service resources.

CDTI, an organization of the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain that supports R&D and business innovation, finances the ICT transformation of the GLP method.

ICEX NEXT selects GLP providing resources for its internationalization process in Latin America

We thank our partners who help us on a daily basis with all the strategic areas of the company to ensure quality service to all our schools.

Watermelon Marketing helps us with their strategic approach and ability to generate tangible results in a competitive marketplace.

They have proven to be a valuable partner for us, providing fresh ideas, effective solutions, and an unwavering commitment to quality; together, we have achieved new levels of success and have taken our Great Little People brand to new heights. We are grateful for their hard work, professionalism and dedication to our shared vision.

Watermelon Logo

ECIJA Advisory is distinguished by its deep knowledge and experience in legal and financial advisory. Its highly qualified and dedicated team has provided innovative and strategic solutions that have strengthened our position in the market and enabled us to achieve our business objectives effectively.

We are grateful for the close collaboration and expert guidance he has provided to our team at every stage of our growth. Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail has been critical to the success of our company.

ECIJA Legal Logo

Syntonize is distinguished by its expertise in creating and executing customized technology solutions that drive business efficiency and performance. Their team of highly competent and creative professionals has been an invaluable partner in our journey to digital excellence.

By working closely with Syntonize, we have been able to implement innovative technology solutions that have significantly enhanced our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers and take our company's innovation to another level.

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Zero6 differentiates itself through its expertise in creating and implementing innovative and effective educational approaches. Their expert and dedicated team has been an invaluable partner in our journey towards continuous improvement in education.

Through close collaboration with Cero6, we have been able to implement innovative educational strategies and programs that have significantly improved our ability to meet the learning needs of our students and adapt to an ever-changing educational environment.

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Work or collaborate with us

We know that we cannot achieve our mission alone, so we need you to share this journey together and be able to achieve it. Great Little People is in the process of growth and in the coming months it will need to incorporate equipment into its methodology, art and design, marketing and communication, operations and coordination, and commercial and sales departments.

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