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Great Little People for Teachers

Be part of the revolution in teaching English at an early age

Platform for teachers
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At Great Little People (GLP), we are committed to offering teachers the most advanced tools for teaching English at an early age, with a methodology that has demonstrated exceptional results in more than X schools.
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Teaching English
It's becoming obsolete

We are aware that teachers often face challenges when working with methodologies or publishers that are not up to date with the latest trends. This can lead to less effective learning and a lack of commitment on the part of students.

At GLP, we ensure that you are equipped with an innovative and effective methodology and tools to overcome these challenges and ensure results in your work as a teacher.

Educational innovation

At GLP, we believe that innovation had to reach the education sector.

Our methodology combines gamification, manipulation and digitalization to provide a modern and interactive teaching experience.

We provide you with access to a full range of educational materials and tools designed to enrich your students' learning experience. From magnetic whiteboards to stuffed animals, our tools make teaching effective and fun.

Ongoing training and support for you

Stay up to date on the latest teaching trends and techniques with our ongoing training, designed to empower you as a teacher and provide you with the tools you need to achieve effective and fun learning in your classroom. In addition, we will support you in such important tasks as reporting on the monitoring of student learning and evolution for families.

Formacion Ingles - Great little people

Active training campus

Access our exclusive training campus designed for you. Here you will find valuable pedagogical support and more than 30 hours of practical videos with self-evaluable tests. You will learn concrete strategies for teaching English in a spontaneous and playful way, especially when working with native or non-specialized profiles for children.

Educational guides

Through tangible and attractive materials such as magnetic boards, stuffed animals, sensory boxes, stories and games, it encourages children's curiosity and active participation.
Profesora de Great Little People
Profesora de Great Little People con niña

Personalized activation plans

We care about your success in teaching English at an early age. That's why we offer personalized activation plans that adapt to your teaching style and needs. These plans allow you to standardize the methodology in your classroom, ensuring a consistent and high-quality teaching experience, regardless of teacher turnover.

Proven results

Our methodology not only makes children have fun, but they also gain a deep understanding of English. The results speak for themselves, your students will experience meaningful and effective learning. There are already more than X centers and X institutions that have trusted us and are happy with the results.

Active participation
Of the students

Have you heard news about the failure and frustration of bilingualism in education? This is a reality and the reason is simple: bilingualism has been imposed from above, in later educational stages, instead of being addressed from the root in early childhood education.

Children learn through their senses and experimentation. Each sensory experience contributes significantly to your cognitive, affective, emotional and social development. Learning at this stage is holistic, and bilingualism must be an integral part of this experience.

Are we revolutionizing the way we learn English together?

Great Little People is here to support you in your mission to teach English at an early age, doing so in an effective and fun way. Join us in this revolution.

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