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Discover Great Little People's Innovation at the BETT Show in London

By Great Little People
February 6, 2024

In the dynamic world of education, innovation and technological development have become the fundamental pillars for promoting effective and meaningful teaching. We are pleased to announce our participation in the prestigious BETT Show 2024, the most outstanding educational technology event in the world, which will take place in London from 24 to 26 January. We have been selected, together with 8 other Spanish companies, to represent the education sector in the Spanish Pavilion together with ICEX.

ICEX - Great Little People
Bett Show - Great Little People
Bett Show 2024

Shaping the Future of Early Childhood Education

Innovation in Every Corner of English Teaching

At Great Little People, we understand that the innovation it's not just a buzzword; it's the driving force behind our revolutionary method for teaching English to little ones. Every “corner” of our approach reflects the constant search for new ways to captivate children, encouraging a learning experience that goes beyond traditional classrooms.

Technological Development at the Service of Early Childhood Education

During our participation in the BETT Show 2024, we will have the opportunity to share in detail how Great Little People intelligently and effectively integrates technological development into our educational methodology. We will cover everything from the use of interactive digital resources, designed to capture and maintain children's attention, to the implementation of advanced and cutting-edge technological tools that significantly enrich the classroom experience. Our presentation will focus on explaining the various ways in which we use technology not only to stimulate children's curiosity and interest, but also to promote active and enthusiastic participation in the learning process. We will highlight case studies and specific examples that illustrate how our strategies and tools are designed to adapt to the individual needs of each student, thus promoting a dynamic and personalized learning environment that is fundamental to modern education.

BETT Show: Where Methodology and Technology Collide to Transform Education

Great Little People will have the honor of participating in the prestigious BETT Show in London, an event that not only represents an extraordinary opportunity to present our latest innovations in the field of early childhood education, but also offers us the possibility of immersing ourselves in a vast ocean of creative ideas, practical solutions and pioneering strategies that are actively shaping the future of education globally. This event, recognized as the epicenter of convergence between passionate educators, developers of cutting-edge technology, influential leaders in the education sector and experts in pedagogy, is an unparalleled platform for exploring the latest trends, learning about innovative approaches and sharing valuable knowledge. In this dynamic and stimulating environment, Great Little People seeks not only to contribute our experience and knowledge, but also to absorb and learn from the experiences and successes of others, collaborating and establishing connections that help us to further boost our capacities and understanding in the field of early education.

Connect with Great Little People at the BETT Show in London

Join us on this exciting journey to the future of early childhood education. Find out how Great Little People is setting the tone in innovation and technological development in teaching English to children. Stay updated on our latest news and experiences at the BETT Show by visiting our social networks Instagram | LinkedIn . We're excited to connect, learn and collaborate in building a brighter educational future.

Bett Show 2024

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