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Books in English for children. “A Taste of the Moon”

By Great Little People
February 6, 2024

Among our reviews of books in English for children ideal for Acquisition of English in children aged 1-7 we include “A taste of the moon”. This book has become one of the materials in English for children most rated. Not only because it is a classic of children's literature, but also because of its beauty, simplicity of the images and its message. Both the text and the illustrations are the work of the Polish author, Michael Grejniec.

English books for children at Great Little People

The Great Little People educational project contemplates the importance of reading and in the classes of English for children there is a space for “storytelling”. At this time, aimed at discovering new books, children learn while having fun and, in the case of this particular story, children acquire specific vocabulary about wild animals and everyday interactions such as greeting, how to ask for a favor, among other things. More generally, the Stories to learn English it also allows us to develop a sense of listening, respect for the opinion of others and autonomy to express one's own. All these skills have to do with the child's intellectual and emotional development, without forgetting, of course, that they learn English while developing the pleasure of reading.

Good example for the acquisition of English

“A taste of the moon” is one of the books in English for children to which they always react with amazement. It is easy to read, ideal for learning English, the images are attractive, it is perfect for acquiring English and, above all, the story touches the hearts of our young readers. This happens because the author talks about something that children know very well: curiosity. This is the starting point for a child to learn any skill and, in the case of English classes for children, this theme produces a fun entry into learning a language. To appeal to a child's curiosity is to recognize their natural way of learning. This is one of the keys to language acquisition.

The animals in this story are curious to know what the moon tastes like and want to try a little piece. Thus, they always wait until nightfall to try to reach the satellite and eat a portion. At that time, they stretch out, lengthen their arms and legs to see if they can take a bite. Some animals even climb on top of the others: the turtle asks the elephant, for example, to climb on its back. In this way, the animals of the jungle are listed. The parts of the body, the state of the landscape day and night and we talk about emotions.

All animals, from the biggest to the smallest, are important to fulfill this dream of savoring the moon. This gesture of empathy contributes to the formation of affective bonds. They also help them to be respectful of the child's immediate environment, that is, the family, but also with their friends.

When reading this story, during digital and face-to-face classes, we put on makeup by choosing an animal to personify it. These activities surrounding reading contribute to the acquisition of language. The reason is because they allow the development of memory skills, lexicon and phonetic learning.

The acquisition of English in children from 1 to 7 years old produces self-confidence and autonomy when it comes to expressing themselves.

At the same time, reading this type of story helps to develop sensitivity and empathy. Knowing the feelings of the characters allows you to know yourself and others at the level of emotions.

Since interaction and attention to emotions is fundamental for Great Little People, in our literary choice we could not miss the importance of teamwork and the fundamental of having a curiosity that always helps us to move forward. We rely on a English methodology for children focused on natural, fun acquisition and bonding with others. That's why we chose these books in English for children. They talk about friendship, the possibility of fulfilling dreams and the importance of trusting affections to achieve them.

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